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Technical Analysis

Technical indicators, Price Action Theory, Psychology and Application.

1 Hour – $99.99

Service Description

Understanding price action and technical indicators may be easy, but knowing how to interpret and apply them with a confluence of other variables in the midst of split decision making in real time can be difficult. This requires patience, confidence and trust that can only be gained through practical experience. Allow me to help you appreciate these concepts more thoroughly so that you can apply them to your trading repertoire, or trade with me live in the trade room.

Live Trade Room

Trade Confidently, With Experience

1 Month – 399.99

Service Description

Trading can be difficult, doing it alone can be overwhelming. Looking over the shoulder of an experienced trader can teach you not only what to do, but what not to. Join me every morning as I develop trade plans and execute them in real time. Let me help guide you through the complex world of trading where we can accomplish our goals together, live.