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The NQHero portfolio is comprised of multiple Algorithms trading multiple assets with differentiated and mitigating strategies in Stock Indexes, Energy, Metals, Currency and Financials with other assets currently being tested. Some Algorithms are trend and momentum following that may also play breakouts while others are counter trend and reversal based that may also play the swings. Both use stop losses habitually and profit targets that are optimized for each asset. The settings and inputs for each also vary as they adapt to each markets personality. Drawdown, risk/reward, win/loss, percent profitable, average trade, number of trades, periodical earnings and continuous equity are some of the main criteria I carefully base my decisions on.

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Prior to their development, my discretionary trading was based upon five core hand crafted strategies which have now been fully automated. I trade multiple Algorithms simultaneously and in tandem so as to absorb any price action outcome, often hedging loss and adding onto gains. What that means is that we achieve multi level diversification not only through the variety of assets being traded, but through the variety of strategies being employed. A complete trading system for any environment. 

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