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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on NQ Hero.  If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just Contact us!

Stock Index Futures are a type of derivative, because its value is derived from some other underlying asset, ie. the Stock Index. These assets are traded via contracts, in which traders speculate on future price by either taking long or short positions (buying or selling) which are then offset later by the opposite position completing the transaction.

Futures Contracts are traded on margin so the minimum requirement varies depending on the asset, volatility, price and leverage. Currently for Stock Index Futures such as the Nasdaq, the initial margin required is $15,000.00 USD. However, Futures Brokers offer leverage so that amount can be adjusted. That said, traders need to provide themselves ‘cushion’ for drawdowns and volatility. 

The most important piece of hardware is strong computer with sufficient memory due to the demands of the software. You will also need trading software with live data feeds, I use eSignal and highly recommend it but other types of trading platforms will suffice. An account with a Futures Broker will also be needed. 

Profit and Loss is calculated by taking the Ticks (Index Points), dividing them by the minimum Tick Size (.25 Index Points), then multiplying by the minimum Tick Value ($5.00 – NQ), multiplied by Contract Size (Volume). For example, if we captured 100 Index Points today, the equation would be as follows: (100/.25*$5.00) * (#ofContracts) = P/L. 

Honest and Transparent

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on NQHero.  If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just Contact us!

Algorithmic Trading is a trading process in which a computer follows specific rules and calculations based on programming language which is then translated into tradeable signals that are executed in the market automatically. My Algorithms are based solely on Technical Analysis and Price Action. 

Futures are a type of financial derivative that is based upon a contract. These contracts are traded (bought or sold) for many different reasons. For NQHero, its for speculation on future price. And becuase Futures are traded on leverage, we can easily multiply the profit and loss effects with a simple click of a button as long as there is enough margin to cover. That said, playing with leverage can be risky when not managed properly which is why we use multi level portfolio scaling as a guideline. 

Futures are traded on margin. Margin requirements differ depending on the asset and broker. In order to trade the current NQHero Portfolio comfortably, the recommended minimum requirement is 250k USD, which is calculated by a factor of the portfolio’s historical *Max Drawdown and is designed to be able to withstand market fluctuations and ride out periods of loss. Furthermore, 50+ standard E-Mini contracts may be open at any given time. And becuase there are multiple Algorithms trading some of the same symbols, a primary account with additional sub-accounts will be required, which means funds will need to be divided into each account and managed on a continual basis. Not having enough margin in the accounts could lead to a margin call and result in a forced liquidation of your positions. 

Maximum Drawdown is the greatest loss drawdown from the highest equity run-up to the lowest equity run-down, looking across all historical trades, during a specific period. In other words, its the largest string of losses that would have occurred at any given time. This is a crucial part of calculating how much initial capital is required to be able to ride through periods of loss and safely trade the portfolio.   

No. You simply need an account with one of the supported brokers at www.multicharts.com. After which, you will be able to see all live and active positions and control all account functions including deposits and withdrawals through the portal your broker provides. After the account is funded and approved, an agreement will be signed giving me permission to connect the account to my software so the Algorithms can trade with your money. 

When you trade a portfolio of assets, you increase your chances of success as well as decrease your chances of loss through diversification. With diversification also comes a more balanced and smoother equity line which translates into more consistent outcomes. Put simply, the more revenue streams you have the better. 

You do. You have complete control over the money and the account as it is solely in your name. You’re simply allowing me to trade the account with my software (documents to be signed with your broker). You’ll have complete authority over your account and even be able to close any positions or cease trading activity all together. However, interfering with the Algorithms is strongly not advised. You will have a portal that you can log into at any time to view account statements and make any withdrawals or deposits without limitations. I will not have access to your statements, but I will be able to see the current balance of the account through my trading platform as well as the list of trades the Algorithms have made. That is how I will be able to calculate any commissions that NQHero earns.  

Because of the confidence I have in performance, there are no upfront fees or membership dues. Rather, I will only collect a percentage of net profits the account accumulates, which will be due and payable within two business days after each 10 day trading cycle (bi-weekly). If the account is showing a loss for the same period, nothing will be owing until that account has made back the loss and is profitable again. That said, I will turn the Algorithms off and no more trades will occur until payments are made in full.  

Wire Transfer and/or PayPal. 

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